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Imagine to be a finance and stock markets lover and choosing the University of Studies of Economics and Business to realize the dream of becoming an expert in the world of investments. 

Too complicated, right? 

Ok, forget it. In fact, the finance and stock markets lover is Fabio Pioli, yes. The one who is currently an independent financial advisor registered in the Professional Register, the one who created the investment method with very high earning probability, the one who is a trader and financial analyst and who writes for important financial newspapers and also he is frequently guest on the most important TVs of the sector, the one who launched CFI, the one who now launched Miraclapp.

A nice resume, but like everyone else he started from scratch. Indeed from less than scratch, considering that he initially wanted to be a dentist, but when his grandmother gave him a book about teeth, he was so frightened by what could happen inside the human mouth that he decided to choose the University of Studies of Economics and Business of Genoa. 

There he realized that finance and numbers were much more interesting for him. So interesting that he immediatly fell in love with them. Not surprisingly, he programmed a neural network as a price prediction mechanism during his university years. It was the subject of his degree thesis which ended in 1996. That neural network was just the embryo of the investment method with very high probability of earnings that Fabio Pioli uses today. 

But let’s go back to the 90’s, right after the University he worked on the Genoa Stock Exchange which unfortunately no longer exists today. Just think, back then there were still the “shouts”, that is, unlike today when a click is enough to buy or sell a share, at the time the prices for buying and selling were shouted. It was at the Genoa Stock Exchange that he could see how traders worked and understood that earning was not only possible but extremely likely so he became aware that he would become a trader, too. And so it was because after the Genoa Stock Exchange, he began working as a financial advisor in leading banking institutions such as Banca Passadore and Banca Sella until 2008, when he detached himself from any bank and set up his own business as an independent financial advisor. During the years he perfected his investment method to date which represents the most precise and reliable thing there can be in circulation. In 2017 he managed to find for each existing financial instrument its specific probability of bringing a positive monetary result. 

And after almost 10 years of experience with customers, again in 2017 he began to think about giving life to a dream: creating the ideal means to bring these probabilities into people’s availability, thus giving everyone the opportunity to obtain gains mechanically, in a simple way, by making available its investment method with very high probability of earning. 

Here began the programming and 4 years hard work on Miraclapp. In the summer of 2019, Miraclapp was presented on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform as a prototype. From that day, the road had been still long for the implementation of the platform, with all the difficulties of the case, until today in which Miraclapp is reality and satisfaction.

And here another dream will begin that will be part of a story that will undoubtedly be updated in the future: the one for which Miraclapp will give satisfaction to all those who use it and will bring satisfactory earnings according to the characteristics of each person, guaranteeing the experience and professionalism of a great professional, Fabio Pioli, behind the scenes.

We will write this story, but you too …

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