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It’s very simple. You can click on “Try for free for 30 days”. You will be sent back to the Miraclapp platform login page where you will need to register.

Once registered you will be guided by the platform to the next steps, from the compilation of your data, useful for personalizing your growth plan, to understanding the operating rules, receiving recommendations, and putting them into practice, in a very simple way. Of course we will always be at your disposal for any further clarification.

If you are already an expert, you can access Miraclapp without the free trial. Click on the “Generate your income now” button register, fill in the fields and anything else required and you will immediatly be able to enjoy operational recommendations suited to you.
When the recommendation arrives the platform itself will indicate, in addition to the success rates (between >70% and >80%), the time needed to put the recommendation into action on your trading platform. In this way you will always be able to easily access whether the recommendation is convenient for you to perform. Miraclapp is suited your needs.

Whenever there is a probability in your favor Miraclapp notifies you through both video and audio alerts, on the device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) that you choose, making it difficult to miss a recommendation. However, if you don’t see the recommendation, don’t worry: you will only lose that operation with its favorable odds but nothing else will happen. You will then wait for the next recommendation.

Absolutely not. You can choose how much to make available and your money will always be in your current bank account. There is no minimum amount to needed start, you can decide to start with only a small sum.

Financial markets are like any other sector: they are accessed through science. The financial markets are measurable and the numbers speak for themselves: that is why we decided to have them certified externally.

Some examples:

– a Max Drowdown of 3,41% (which means that in the worst case scenario you would never go beyond this risk) together with a success rate of 77% means that the possibility of losing 10% of the amount allocated is less than 0,01%. This result about 1900 times better than a normal method (data deriving from comparisons with other certified methods which one is aware of).

-77% of results mean that more than 7-8 operations out of 10 will go in favor and less than 2-3 will go against. This result is almost 4 times more profitable than an average method (which has 50% of the total of operations being profitable).

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